Date Location Venue
17/03/2018 Stef Kamil Carlens Antwerpen BE Opera Ballet Vlaanderen

Empty World (For Yasmine)

My books of wisdom are gathering dust
I’m caught in wiles and my vision’s unjust
I lost sight of the shore and away I swirled
Until I drifted all the way to this empty world

Oh baby where did you go?

People making money and they’re trying to get by
They got no strings attached and they don’t justify
Every sin brings its punishment somewhere a preacher hurled
Trying to keep the faith in an empty world

When I started I did alright
Now I’m in the darkest night

I was driving my bike along a silent road
The sky was darkened by black clouds as if something they bode
Somebody told me you died and a map unfurled
Showing every detail of this empty world

Oh baby where did you go?

Is happiness an illusion or something you can grab with both hands?
A strange creature in the night, a ghost travelling the land?
Is it a chemical reaction or a poem in the wind?
Is it the cry of the people ever since time began?

I'm waiting until...

Hundreds of people got together on a day in July
United in the sadness of the last goodbye
I used to think of you as a skinny little gypsy girl
But that day you became the queen of the empty world
With your charcoal hair and your shiny black pearls
They crowned you the queen of the empty world


The Journey Will Be Long

Beautiful people when they’re calm
When they're taking care of one another
It won’t be long before it all goes wrong
They do it every time, go ask your fathers

What are they waiting on ?
A Messiah or a time bomb ?
And when the day comes
We’ll strap the weapons on
Someone betrayed us
Someone outplayed us
We’ll put the helmets on
And when the war is done we’ll be

Beautiful people and we’re calm
We’re all here quite aware of one another
For centuries we’ve been living here in peace
I guess the message really got across the border

We all got our bellies full
Sleeping like a prince under a blanket of wool
Self-defence is only natural
But maybe there’s a few dirty tricks we pulled
There’s a war in the town where we used to work
The whole damn country has gone berserk
There’s killing and raping by a bunch of young turks
A paradise turned into hell on earth
A lot of people left their homes and are on the run
Nobody remembers how this war begun
Just trying to survive under the barrel of a gun
And when the race is run we’ll be

Beautiful people and we’re calm
All is quiet now the past has been forgotten
Some they say there’s countries we betrayed
Some of our ancestors’ hearts may have been rotten

We sail along the seas of right and wrong
So vast you wonder why you even bother
The winds are strong, the journey will be long
Some get lucky and some are making water